Name: Real Estate Corporation Dong A Thanh Hoa
Abbreviation: DONG A EIC
Address: Building the Tan Huong 11/A1 - Dong Huong - Thanh Hoa
Tell:  0373 857 528
Fax: 0373 857 529
Email: dongaeic1996@yahoo.com
Website: http:// www.dongaeic.com.vn


- Property Corporation of East Asia was Thanh Hoa province enables business established in Decision No. 1898 GP / TLDN October 25, 1996 UBDN Chairman of Thanh Hoa Province.

- Business License Department of Planning and Investment approved in Decision No. 2800327086 dated 26.10.1996. Detailed certificates of business registration and tax registration download tại đây.


Property Corporation of East Asia are:

- Capital: 116 billion.

- Total capital is 500 billion

- Total number of employees: 385 people; with 50 % of key officials of the company have a university degree and long experience in the professional.

             In addition, the company owns modern equipment, continuous application of science and technology in the production business, always looking out of the market needs to expand production and business, find partners business, investing in promising new areas to diversify the industry. So over the years, the company always profits and fulfill the duty to pay taxes to the State, creating a reputation and a firm position on the domestic market as well as regional and global about.


-    2 was reached Vietnam Gold Star Award on the brand and products.

- Business Gold Cup typical cultural nation in 2007.

- Multiple Licence merit and merit of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Vietnam General Department of Taxation and Thanh Hoa Province People's Committee awarded.

- Gold Star Award Winner for North Central first.


            Mr. Cao Tien Doan General Director, Chairman of the Board of Real Estate Corporation East Asia.

             He was voted as the President of Young Entrepreneurs Association of Thanh Hoa province, Member of the Presidium of the Central Assembly of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs.

             Besides, Mr. Cao predicted to participate in establishing the General Corporation soccer Thanh Hoa Tong served as general director of the Company.

             Corporation established service north bay sports ( Service Company flight skies last ) accounted for 17 % stake.


- Design consultancy, architectural supervision, transportation, irrigation, urban.

- Business Real Estate and Urban Development home.

- Business Day restaurants and tourist hotels.

- Brokerage of foreign investment into Vietnam.

- Construction of civil architecture, industry, transport and irrigation.

- Construction of urban infrastructure.

- Construction of electric lighting and transformers.


Address: Building the tan Huong 11/A1 - Dong Huong - Thanh Hoa City
Tel: 0373 857 528

Fax: 0373 857 529
Email: dongaeic1996@yahoo.com
Website: http:// www.dongaeic.com.vn