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Thanh Hoa is located in central North Pole, the capital of Hanoi 150 km to the south, Ho Chi Minh City 1,560 km. In the north the three provinces of Son La, Hoa Binh and Ninh Binh, Nghe An province south ...

Hua Phan province west side (the Democratic Republic of Laos), the east is the Gulf of Tonkin. Thanh Hoa has varied terrain, down gradually from west to east, divided into three distinct regions: mountainous and midland, lowland and coastal areas; tropical monsoon climate.

       Thanh Hoa is located in areas affected by the impacts from the northern key economic, northern Lao provinces and the central key economic region, located in the northern gateway to connecting with the central, systemic delivery convenient, such as trans-Vietnam railway, the Ho Chi Minh, the National Highway 1A, 10, 45, 47, 217; Nghi Son deep-water port and river systems facilitate North-South flow, with regions in the provinces and abroad. Currently, Thanh Hoa airport and Golden Star are expected to open an international airport close to the sea for Nghi Son economic zone and tourists.

       To continuously attracting attract domestic and foreign investment in the province of Thanh Hoa has always paid attention and focus on improving the investment environment in ways that are beneficial to investors, but in accordance with current regulations Vietnam's laws. With a view to: no restrictions on size, industry, and geographic areas, based on the Investment Law and Enterprise Law, Thanh Hoa is continuing to review and improve the system of mechanisms, policies toward incentives and making it more convenient for investors. These mechanisms and policies of Thanh Hoa to focus on site clearance, land rent, infrastructure investment, employment, regional development and materials for administrative reform. Depending on the size and nature of each project, based on consideration of the proposed investment, Thanh Hoa province will have a special mechanism of preferential policies to encourage investment.

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