Perspective of office projects, hotel in Dong A

I. Project: Constructing the hotel where Dong A office.


1. Name of project

         Investment in construction of office East Asia Hotel

2. Legal conditions

- Construction permits number 930/SXD-QH on 25/05/2007.

- Licence of land use right certificates by the Thanh Hoa provincial People's Committee issued on 20/01/2006

II. The location and acreage:

1. Location

        Construction works on the land south of Le Loi Avenue, Dong Huong Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa province.

               In the north of Le Loi Avenue, a length of 30.6 m.

               South borders and residential planning, with a length of 30.6 m.

               Bounded east and Port Planning Department in Thanh Hoa, the length is 30.8 m.

               West side residential area, length is 38.0 m.

2. Area: 1,164 m2

- Total land area can be divided into two main parts:

          The main part: As a 13 -storey high building two monad (13 floors and three floors), with the main lobby is spacious, luxurious.

          Part infrastructure including yard areas, fountains, campus flowers and trees, underground garage of the Corporation staff, clients Garage to the transaction.

The planning criteria:

- Construction Area: 1,164 m2

- Total floor area: 12,559.56 m2

- Building coverage: 83 %

Among them: an original application (Office for rent and hotels )

   Monad 2 (Office of the Corporation to work )

- Floors: 13 floors (excluding basement and roof ).

        With excellent facilities to satisfy the tastes of customers in high demand, besides The office is located in the center of cultural, economic and political life of Thanh Hoa province, facilitate the delivery service with the relevant agencies within and outside the province, as well as vacation in Sam Son beach. Furthermore Property Corporation of East Asia are training staff and executive management staff, highly professional certified international standards.

III. Total investment: 83.0 billion dongs

        100 % Capital Investors Property Corporation of East Asia.

V. Information properties of the project:

       The office buildings - hotels, including the office block, meeting rooms, conference rooms, break rooms, entertainment area, for guests ( VIP luxury services ), go to the swimming pool, tennis courts, public are very favorable.

IV. Time and progress of the project:

        Project duration: 04 years ( T 09/2007 - 10/2011 ) expected to be completed and put into operation using the month 12/2011.

        We look forward to the interest and suggestions for us to continue to serve the higher needs of your guests, consistent trend of the times.